The Pines Wind Farm

Forestry Corporation of NSW has granted TagEnergy an Investigations Permit to explore the feasibility of a wind farm in Gurnang, part of Mt David, and parts of Vulcan, softwood plantations.

We are at the very beginning of the investigations phase and are undertaking community consultation and meeting those closest to the investigations area to provide information on the proposal, understand concerns and gather feedback.

Permit area
State Forest Land
no wind turbines
Project Parties

Land manager

Forestry Corporation NSW

Forestry Corporation of NSW manage NSW's largest renewable timber production and softwood plantation estate.

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Owner and operator


TagEnergy is a clean energy enterprise for a new cycle in the renewable energy industry. TagEnergy have been granted a permit to investigate the feasibility of The Pines Wind Farm. If built, TagEnergy will own and operate The Pines Wind Farm.

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Development planner & approvals

Stromlo Energy

Stromlo Energy is 100% Australian owned and operated with an unparalleled track record in renewable energy project delivery. Stromlo Energy is responsible for delivering investigations, permitting, and community engagement outcomes on behalf of TagEnergy for The Pines Wind Farm proposal.
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Determining Feasibility

The investigation phase is expected to take three to six months.
During this phase we will undertake high level investigations including ecology, grid connection, noise, and layout development.

What area does the Planning and Investigations Permit cover?

The Permit Area issued by Forestry Corporation of NSW comprises softwood plantations at Gurnang, part of Mount David, and some parts of Vulcan south of Black Springs. All proposed wind turbines would be more than 15km from Oberon.

What has been done so far?

We are right at the beginning of the wind farm investigations phase, which is the first step in determining if The Pines Wind Farm is a feasible wind farm project.

We will be reaching out to neighbours, traditional owners, and the local community to seek feedback, including on project design. Initial studies will also be undertaken to test the feasibility of a wind farm.

The investigations phase is expected to take three to six months.

What benefits are there for the community

Community benefits will begin immediately including the Electricity Bill Credit and local sponsorships.
The Pines Wind Farm proposal includes a 35-year Community Benefits Package, made up of a Community Benefits Fund, a Neighbour Benefit Program and ongoing contributions to local Council.

We welcome community input into community programs and infrastructure you would like to see funded by The Pines Wind Farm

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