At the end of the wind farm life, it is a legal condition of the development consent that the wind farm is decommissioned. It is also a requirement of the legally binding project finance agreements that the wind turbines and other infrastructure are removed at the end of the project life.

To manage this requirement, TagEnergy provides an extensive financial security package during the operations phase to cover the full costs of the decommissioning of the wind farm.

When it is time to decommission the project, a Decommissioning Plan is prepared and submitted to the NSW Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure for approval. This plan includes:

  • the safest method of decommissioning,
  • if materials can be refurbished,
  • what materials can be recycled and where,
  • what materials will be disposed of and where.

The major wind turbine suppliers have announced targets to have 100% recycling capability for their turbines by 2040. Vestas for example can currently recycle 85% of turbine components.

Image from Vestas

TagEnergy will work closely with the wind turbine supplier to minimise any waste from the project.