Nearby Neighbour Program

The Investigation Permit Area issued to us by Forestry Corporation comprises Gurnang State Forest, part of Mount David State Forest, and some parts of Vulcan State Forest south of Black Springs. All proposed wind turbines would be more than 15km from Oberon.

The Pines Wind Farm Community Benefit Package includes a Nearby Neighbour Program aimed at sharing benefits with households living closest to our turbines.

Households within three and a half kilometres of wind turbines who are not hosting turbines, may be eligible for annual payments as part of our Nearby Neighbour Program.

Residents of participating households in the Nearby Neighbour Program will be considered as involved stakeholders with respect to applicable planning laws and guidelines.

Annual payments to households are calculated according to:

  • The number of turbines within 3.5km of the house; 
  • The proximity of each wind turbine to the house; and
  • An annual CPI increase.


A Nearby Neighbour lives in a house that has:

  • one turbine less than 2km from the house = 1 x $5000,
  • three turbines between 2km and 2.5km from the house = 3 x $3000,
  • two turbines between 2.5km and 3km from the house = 2 x $2000, and
  • four turbines between 3km and 3.5km from the house = 4 x $1000.

The neighbour would be entitled to annual payments of $22,000 plus CPI for the life of the wind farm.